Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Journey Begins

Earlier today I left the house, headed towards Winco Foods. I planned on taking the 57 and then the 62. But after getting off the 57 and waiting at the 62 stop for a minute or two I decided to just walk, it was only about a mile more to Winco. I thought I would find some Psilocybe along the way. Which is what I always think when I go out for a walk.

But alas, no magic mushrooms this time. I did make it to Winco and purchased what I thought I would need to make a decent bowl of Ramen. Unfortunately Winco doesn't carry pork bones so I had to make do with ham hocks. I did buy a nice pork loin since I planned to add the quintessential sliced pork to my Bowls from now on. This was definitely the missing ingredient in my bowls, at least one of the missing ingredients anyway. The pork turned out quite good, with a nice glaze.

My broth is still coming along, most recipes call for leeks but I have yet to purchase one of these vegetables. I have just been throwing things into my broth that I think would give the soup a good taste. But I can't tell if my broth is missing something or has too many things. Perhaps its time to try a leek. And maybe a slower boil.

I also liked walking to Winco, now if I can only get You to come along with me. You know who you are :)

P.S. there are some trails along the way.

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