Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ramen in Film!

Yesterday after doing some Ramen research, I came across the names of two films about our delicious noodles. Tampopo, and The Ramen Girl. Both movies were quite good in my opinion, with similar themes, being the search for the perfect bowl of Ramen. But the movies take quite different approaches in exploring this theme.

At first I tried placing Tampopo in the fragmented sketch comedy genre, but after a few minutes it quickly went far beyond this limited description. The film is funny, and you should probably watch it for that reason alone. My favorite two characters are the food lovers, who are never named but are quite memorable and very odd.

Anyway here's links to torrents that I downloaded and am currently seeding.
The Ramen Girl Torrent
Tampopo Torrent

The funniest thing about these movies is that I learned quite a bit about making Ramen. Notably that good Ramen is hard to make! I quite enjoy a simple bowl of noodles and a nice miso broth, but I have accepted the Ramen quest for the perfect bowl. To make this bowl and have others consume it! I can see myself spending a lifetime on this task.

I'm currently waiting on some dough to settle while I write this post, and will make some noodles later this afternoon. My broth at the moment contains a beef bouillon base, shudder I know, but it must suffice for the moment. Until I can obtain some pork loins and bones and start work on a decent broth.

Good fortunes for everyone!

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