Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fast, Cheap, and Good!

Greetings fellow space travelers! Herein will be a chronicle of my Adventures in Ramen. I have been a huge fan of Ramen for many years. There was a brief time in my life when I was known to eat 2 or 3 packages of Top Ramen a day.

Of course, that kind of Ramen consumption could not last, but for the past few months I have been partaking of the Nissin companies Oriental flavored Top Ramen. Which is the best of their bunch in my opinion.

And then a few weeks ago, A revelation! Why not open my own Ramen cart! I currently live in the Portland area and if you are familiar with this city, you know that there are food carts practically on every corner. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

The good news is there's a decently sized Asian market a block from my apartment with an assortment of vegetables and leafy greens, noodles, sauces and oils, as well as some black fungus which I don't think I'm going to try. Actually I don't know how something called black fungus would even make it past customs but there it was. Other than the unnamed fungus, this market is perfect for experiments in Ramen making.

So I have started work on a few Ramens. I expect it will be some time before these Ramens are cart ready. It will also take some time to procure the actual cart. I dream of a custom built Ramen cart, but in the beginning I imagine I will obtain a cheap prebuilt cart.

So, this blog will be a written account of my journey from the idea of standing by the side of the road selling hot Ramen from a cart to actually doing just that! In the beginning this site will mostly be a collection of links, recipes, and photos of my delicious Ramen!

Have a nice day!

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