Saturday, November 14, 2009

A trip to the market

I've started work on my broth. It appears that its going to be a pork based broth, but I am a huge fan of miso soup so I might switch over soon if I get my hands on some good miso paste. Perhaps my broth will be a combination of the two. Or perhaps it will be something completely different and westernized, I'm not quite sure yet. I did find a recipe online that I wanted to try out, but it called for quite a few things that I didn't currently have.

So I wrote down some of the ingredients I needed and went to the Asian market near my apartment. The man behind the counter said he had never heard of those before, but he did tell me about an Asian supermarket, just a few miles away! He started explaining to me how to get there, but I never seem to understand people when they attempt to do this. Luckily he gave me the newspaper he was reading that had an ad for this market!

The next day Brittany and I ran some errands, including going to the DMV YAY! We also decided to hit up the Asian supermarket so I could pick up a few things. The place looked bigger than I expected. Brittany wasn't even going to go in, but I told her it would be fun and she got out of the car.

This place had a gift section near the front entrance and I spotted some Ramen bowls, unfortunately they were forty five dollars a piece! I think I'll need to pick up a few cheap bowls from somewhere, I just hope they don't have lead in them lol! We spent some time checking out their selection of lucky cats and put a small one in our basket. In the end we wouldn't purchase him, but I suppose he brought us luck while he was with us.

When we got back from our excursion I started my first broth. It called for a very long simmering time, while keeping the pot covered. I thought that might make the broth a little strong and I was right. I looked over the recipe again and noticed a comment about "This is how I prepare Ramen to suit my particular tastes." Yeah that sounds about right. I dumped the broth down the sink and went back to the drawing board.

The next day I took the rest of the pork bones, an onion, and some celery and simmered them for a few hours uncovered. I thought it tasted much better. Now I'm going to think about some other things to put in the pot!

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