Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost there.

It's been awhile since my last posting. Anne introduced me to Pho and we have been checking out a few of the local Pho restaurants, pretty good stuff but a little light on the flavor if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

We've also been checking out the local restaurants that feature Ramen on the menu, I have been disappointed with every single one. And in a way hopeful since I believe that this will make it easier for me to make a living selling my Ramen. lol, what a crazy idea. I plan to feature a few other things on my cart as well, jumbo sized chocolate covered coconut macaroons for dessert, and a ginger flavored orange soda! Two things I love just about as much as Ramen!!

It's almost springtime, but not quite. We got a bit of snow the other day. Soon it will be summer and I am not sure how many people will want to try Ramen from a roadside cart when the temperature hits 90 degrees so I will be waiting for Autumn I think, before I begin my Ramen Adventure. The good news is that it looks like I will be able to obtain a cart when I need to do so.

This is the bowl,

No sliced pork, no egg, not even any green onions!! Just a pork broth, a fuckin fantastic miso base, some delicious udon style noodles, nori, cilantro, and a fourth of an avocado. Sriracha to taste.

If I refine the bowl anymore I will post again and will definitely be posting any news about my cart!
On a side note,


  1. OMG! WHO ARE YOU? WHERE DO YOU LIVE!? More importantly, where is your RAMEN CART!?

    I have been home from Japan for over 3 years now, and my life is incomplete, as i have lost the ability to acquire the delicious Ramen that is available at every train station and on every other corner of Japan!!!!

    I have considered making my own ramen, but I really don't have enough Saturday afternoons to spend simmering stock. But I owuld gladly walk 500 miles to eat a bowl of yours! It looks delicious!!!!