Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where it's at

I ran out of noodles yesterday and made up a quick batch which tasted okay. Still a bit thick though. But last night at the grocery store I purchased some Udon noodles. They were very similar to the ones I made, who knew I had been making Udon this entire time lol. It's all still Ramen to me though.

I feel as though I will be able to eat this Ramen every day and never get tired of it. But there is still something missing and I need to find out what it is before I begin to prepare this for public consumption.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Me and the Captain makin it happen

Hi! Yesterday I went to Winco for Ramen ingredients. I got the pork bones, a pork loin, leeks, everything I needed to make my Ramen. Except for one thing, the NOODLES!! lol. Ah, you say, why not just make your own? I do plan to, in fact our friend Anne just moved into our apartment and she brought with her an electric noodle machine. Once I figure out how to use it I will be knee deep in noodles I imagine. Anne and I stopped off at a small market on the way home and I got a cheap package of instant noodles which weren't that bad considering. Later that day, my first try at serving multiple peoples some delicious Ramen.

I just missed taking pictures of Anne and Brittany who ran off to the side, Even Tolkien looks like he didn't enjoy having his picture taken :)  The Ramen was enjoyed by all and not a single drop was left in any of the bowls!!

To make up for the blurry photo here is something else I captured in my kitchen recently.